A digest of online China 07 Sep – 16 Sep

This weekly column offers a digest of the latest pieces from the Chinese blogosphere published on our website and most recently completed translations of new Chinese writing. 

Church in wuhan

New texts published

Religion is the cornerstone of freedom – Muran

In the West, religious freedom is an essential part of freedom more generally. With this as premise, the present piece offers an historical reflection on the concept of freedom, and its concrete manifestations historically, in the West and China.


Let’s open trading doors between rural and urban areas – Zhou Qiren

In order to solve the ongoing income disparity between rural and urban areas, economist Zhou Qiren proposes options to increase trade between both worlds – while taking into careful consideration the many dangers and obstacles.


Football around the world – Iris Tang / China 30s

China 30s is a Shanghai magazine offering exclusive interviews with young Chinese innovators and dream-chasers. This piece recounts the story of Zhao Xingde, who followed his passion for football around the world.

New translations

The Yakusuni shrine, in Tokyo, is a source of ongoing tension between Japan and China: this temple is devoted to the memory of people who defended the homeland – but war criminals are also worshipped there. However, knowledge generally stops at that point. In What war criminals are in the Yakusuni shrine, He Renyong shares the biography of some of these criminals, and offers element to better understand the controversy around the Yakusuni shrine.

Is Xinjiang a land of opportunities for all? Why does Xinjiang reject the Uighur, by Muslim essayist Luqiu PiaoPiao, recounts the memory of a trip to Xinjiang and the frustrations of a young Uighur, offering a mixed perspective on the current local situation.

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