A digest of online China – 22 Sep – 26 Sep

This weekly column offers a digest of the latest pieces from the Chinese blogosphere published on our website and most recently completed translations of new Chinese writing.

Tianjin bridge

New texts published

China’s rise within the triangle – Xin Lijian

China’s becoming increasingly powerful internationally; but for China to reach the full extent of its influence, a lot of work needs to go in its relationships with three important neighbours: Russia, Korea, and Taiwan.


Job satisfaction – Zhao Jianfei

Everyone is busy – but what does busy mean? Blogger Zhao Jianfei, in this odd little piece, shares details of a what a ‘busy work life’ looks life in today’s China.


Poems for the New Century – Yisha

In 2012, poet Yisha was commissioned to circulate one poem a day through NetEase Weibo, forming an anthology called ‘Poems for the New Century’. We will translate some of these as part of a workshop held at Monash University, and read them at the Eltham Montsalvat art centre on October 5.


New translations

To what extent have the dramatic social and economic changes in recent years affected family structures and family values in China? ‘Fashionable men and women are unfit for marriage’ takes an original angle on this question, arguing that society should make people ready for marriage, in multiple ways – but with absent parents, current media programming and school priorities, young Chinese people have become ‘unfit for marriage’.

Is life in a first-tier city just a source of constant stress? Not so, says Tang Yalin in ‘What’s good about Shanghai?’ , because ‘in Shanghai, you can live your own life.’

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