A digest of online China – 26 Oct – 31 Oct

This column offers a weekly digest of the latests pieces published on our website and our most recently completed translations.

Dancing on the street

New texts published

Golden aunty – Yu Ge

After making a fortune on Wall Street, ‘Golden Aunty’ returned to China, where she joined a field dancing group. This piece reflects more generally on this new phenomenon: the occupation of urban space by elderly people for coordinated group activities.


Everyone is spoiling children – Zhang Ming

Is China spoiling its children, and leading them to pure inertia? Based on observations of educated children and their families, particularly in rural areas, Zhang Ming argues it may be the case.


Delete – Peng Min

In this short poem, Peng Min explores the melancholy of lost neighbourhoods, and the beauty that grows among rubble.


Clique culture – Muran

Muran describes a frightening phenomenon: the constitution of ‘cliques’, small groups devoted exclusively to their own members’ interest – and denounces the dangers of this social structure, particularly in the political arena.

Shanghai Twilight – Wei Zhou

How do you make a city your own? Wei Zhou recounts his experience of becoming a local in Shanghai – and enjoying the spectacle of its twilight.


New translations

Many people praise and desire social justice – but what exactly would this entail? In Equal Opportunity, Hong Kong intellectual Zhou Baosong proposes a thorough philosophical analysis of the concept – clarifying ideas such as fair competition, discrimination and natural advantages – and offers a way ahead for a more equal society, while underlining the moral complexities of implementing them.

After experiencing a short ear disease, Liu Shisan developed hyper-sensitivity to sound. This very personal piece The Dance of Sound, allows us to discover the sensual pleasures of a big Chinese city as experienced through the ear – and how our intimate, interpersonal relationships are affected by our sense of hearing.

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