A digest of online China – August 10 – August 16

Shanghai nanjing lu

New texts published

The art of curbing prostitution – Muran

Prostitution is not a new phenomenon, in China no more than outside China. In this piece, Muran looks back at various forms of the practice, including royal concubines and official mistresses, and reflects on the various dimensions of prostitution-like situations in China.

We need another new culture movement – Zhu Dake

In this speech commemorating the 100 years of the ‘New Culture’ movement, cultural analyst Zhu Dake reflects on the contemporary state of culture in China, and calls for a Renaissance.

What’s a real friend like – Li Yinhe

Reflective soul, emotional alignment, and the unique capacity to make you feel warm, these are the features defining in a real friend.

New translations completed

What’s good about Shanghai? – Tang Yalin

With pressure and pollution, why would anybody want to move to a Chinese first tier city? In this post, writer Tang Yalin shares the reason for staying in Shanghai: in Shanghai, you can live your own life. This translation was completed by Margherita Perco

Poems from Singapore

Our Singapore lead,Ting Wei Tai, organised an event at Raffles Institution inviting students to translate local poems. Discover new voices from the South East Asian metropolis with these four poems: Left, Medical history, Legacy, Waking up at night.

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