A digest of online China – August 23 – September 1


New texts published

Pray for forgiveness and forgive others – Yezi

What is the best way to react to a wrong? This short piece offers a reflection on the virtues of forgiveness.

Benevolence and independence – Ye Kuangzheng

A philosophical piece exploring the Confucian concept of benevolence, from the initial context of the Analects to contemporary times.

Love and revolution (12) – Yefu 

Next chapter in Yefu’s family story – romance in the times of the great Chinese war.

New translations completed

The end of literature: the subversion of literary rules – Zhang Tianpan

Cultural analyst Zhang Tianpan explores a new phenomenon in Chinese letters. As literature shifted from paper to digital, and new generations took over from the old, new modes of appreciation emerged, judging success from audience reception and royalties over peer reception.

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