A digest of online China – August 25 / September 05

This weekly column offers a digest of the latest pieces from the Chinese blogosphere published on our website and most recently completed translations of new Chinese writing. The Festival was on last week

mala xiang guo

New texts published

Why does China like conspiracy theories – Yu Ge

The belief that conspiracies and secret arrangements have a large influence on our collective lives is not an exclusively Chinese phenomenon; yet this belief may be more widespread in China than elsewhere in the world. In this piece, Yu Ge reflects on potential causes for the vogue of conspiracy theories in China, from Cold War mentality to backdoor politics.


Chengdu – Wei Zhou

It’s been seven years since writer Wei Zhou last visited Chengdu – in the meantime, the relaxed Capital of South Western China turned into an ambitious metropolis. But in the alleys and Museums old Chengdu, Wei Zhou still manages to capture the unique flavor of Sichuan culture.


Left-right wing illusion – Yu Ge

Was Hitler left-wing or right-wing? From this extreme historical case, political analyst Yu Ge brings relativity to our conceptions of the political spectrum


Genius and Patience – Li Yinhe

Is talent a gift from heaven, or the result of sheer persistence and determination? This short piece by sociologist Li Yinhe offers a psychological insight into the sources of great achievements.


New Silk Road, what’s the plan? – Zheng Yongnian

Zheng Yongnian is the director of Singapore National University’s East Asia Institute, and a geopolitical analyst. He’s recently reflected about ‘the silk road’ as a key concept in China’s new model of international engagement. In this piece, he’s wondering about the model for international leadership that China might adopt, and how they can learn from, and differ from previous Western colonialism in the region.

You might be interested in reading other pieces by Zheng Yongnian on the same topic, ‘Important questions on the new Silk Road’, and ’China’s Silk Road and the spirit of the times’

Food writer, I love you: lamb soup – Bo Bangni

This series explores memories associated with eating typical dishes of Chinese cuisines. ‘Lamb Soup’ evokes a scene of family drama, marriage break up, and renewed commitment.

An app to share food-related emotions – China 30s

China 30s is a Shanghai-based organization that documents innovative projects led by young Chinese people from the ‘sandwich generation’, born between the late seventies and the mid-eighties. This post introduces an app developed to transform food picture sharing into a rich social experience, integrating restaurant reviews, emotions, and dish rating.

New translations

If the Chinese university exam is a cause of massive alienation and distress among Chinese young people, if it represents a large injustice, and does not reflect actual intelligence, is it not our duty to rise against it? My Views on the University Entrance Exams by philosopher Li Yehang is more than just a loose opinion, but a call to reform education, for the sake of China’s future.

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