A digest of online China – January 26 – January 31

This column offers a weekly digest of the latests pieces published on our website and our most recently completed translations. 


New texts published

Why build humanistic economics? – Mao Yushi

Economics professor Mao Yushi recently set up an Institute for economics and humanities – in this piece, he explains the theoretical challenges of mapping economic activities, and how a closer disciplinary alignment with social sciences and Humanities might offset some of the excess brought by an excessive trend towards pure mathematical modelling.

Loving the breast: Freudian analysis of an ancient stone carving – Wei Shaoyi

Because some things are older than we think – Wei Shaoyi medidates on the long history of men’s fascination with milk and feeding breasts, from old Shanxi stone carvings to Freud’s Oedipus complex.

That young woman walked into the clinic – Wu Ang

Starting a new series of micro-fiction, this piece from the Southern Week-end takes us to the inside of a Chinese clinic, and the difficult life of a young mother.

New translations completed

We didn’t complete any translation this week, but quite a few new pieces were started, and others progressed. Did you know? Marco Polo Project invites you not only to translate a piece entirely, but also review somebody else’s translation, or finish an already started translation. Check out for orange and yellow boxes – and try to turn them green. That’s a fun game for you!

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