A digest of online China – July 12 – July 17

 Burning fire

New texts published

They’re all good schools – Ka Hu

When a family moves to a new town, how should they select a new school for their children? This personal piece recounts a mother’s struggles to identify ‘the best school’, and place her daughter there.

Daydreaming by the window – Cheng Chaozi

A Shenzhen worker returns home to small town Jiangxi for the holidays. Looking out the window, stopping for a while, they reconnect with the simple every day routines of home, enjoying this moment of quiet observation.

Why do dictators like ‘democracy’ – Chu Meng

From Latin American to Asia and Africa, why do dictatorial figures seem to proclaim the values of democratic systems – when paradoxically, elections are often criticised as a waste of time and resources? An international look at the rhetorics of democracy.

New translations completed

On hearing only powerful voices – Zhang Ming

Reflecting on a recent pollution case in Inner Mongolia where local authorities denied the problem, Zhang Ming reflects on a long-term Chinese trend to rely excessively on the influence of one single high power – causing chaos in the middle and lower echelons of bureaucracy.

I’m a star – Shu Dong

A call from help from a young female star abused by her director – a personal anonymous testimony from Shu Dong.

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