A digest of online China – June 1 – June 15

This column offers a short digest of the latest pieces published on our website. 


New texts published

New media patterns between the US and China – Muran

An insightful look into the changing media representations of the US in China and China in the US, from 1949 to the present day – from demonization to fascination – and their impact on geopolitics and diplomacy.

Love and revolution (11) – Yefu

Last chapter in the first part of Yefu’s family epic – a move to Sichuan during the war years, work with the communist party, and romantic recognition of poetic style in a literary magazine.

What is nostalgia – Douhao

What makes you yearn after a place left behind – or the memories of your childhood? Scents, streetscapes, old shops matter more to us than major attractions. A meditation on space and memory by Dou Hao.

New translations completed

Beijing, a magic city – Zhao Qiang

Everyone comes to Beijing with a dream. Beyond the crowds, Zhao Qiang evokes his love for the Chinese capital.

Maturity – Li Yinhe

Why do we struggle to retain the appearance of youth? In this short piece, sociologist and philosopher Li Yinhe meditates on the pleasures of age.

Japan in my eyes – Song Xiuyin

Exploring Japan, Song Xiuyin marvels at the similarities with China – and the many subtle differences, from the fresh water to the general cleanliness.

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