A digest of online China – November 1 – November 30

Confucius statue

New texts published

Secretaries, eunuchs – Zhang Ming

Observing the power held by the secretaries of high officials, Zhang Ming goes back to the tradition of eunuchs in imperial China to denounce administrative holding of power, and the influence that administrative supporters can have on the highest decision makers.

What kind of inequality is harmful? – Muran

After a speech by Martin Jacques encouraging China to address the question of inequality, Muran offers a sweeping perspective of inequality as theorised in the Western tradition, and how harmful various types of inequalities may be to China.

Understanding these hard to read books – Sang Bing

As the pace of society increases, do we still have time to read books, especially hard to read books? Sang Bing calls for a revival of reflective reading, in the face of new student generations who may never have the chance to read an entire book.

Personal memories and collective reflections – Zhu Dake

This piece written during the Shanghai book fair reflects on the many uses of memory, from personal use to collective identity formation.

Leaving, leaving, leaving – traveller 

What happens at the end of university? This fresh graduate from Wuhan shares short impressions of the last days in the place he studied, before moving on to the broader world.

Anti-intellectualism at university – Muran

How can universities resist the powerful tide of anti-intellectualism? Muran offers a structural explanation of the sources for anti-intellectualism in Chinese universities, as a potential tool of resistance.

A flower garden from the past – Yefu 

A journey back in time to a flower garden in the mid-70s and a passing flower of romance is brought forth by the changes in the moon in this very personal reflective piece.

No more dreams for the Chinese elderly – Muran

As China faces the fast prospect of an aging population, worsened by decades of one-child-policy, what is the predictable future of the Chinese elderly? This piece is an invitation to rethink the pension system in China, considering potential options from families, communities and government.

New translations completed

This place nearby we’ve never been to – Liu Shisan 

There are places around us that we think we should visit – and yet we never do. Liu Shisan shares his experience of life in Beijing, and finally heading to the zoo with his child, or the Forbidden City with his parents. Insights into the mind of Beijing residents.

Does China still have friends? – Feng Qingyang

Though the news talks of ‘old friends of China’, what countries can be described as actual friends? This piece paints a dark portrait of China’s neighbourhood relationships, from the potential traitors – Russia, Vietnam – the dangerous ally – North Korea – and the greedy countries in the rest of the world that only care for China’s riches.

From Harvard to the alpaca business – China 30s

Tan Kou is one of the young original Chinese entrepreneurs interviewed by China30s. While studying a Master in Public Health Management at Harvard, he set up an alpaca import business, looking to bring alpaca to Chinese fashion shows, and plates.


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