A digest of online China – November 17 – November 21

This column offers a weekly digest of the latests pieces published on our website and our most recently completed translations.

Confucius statue

New texts published

Conspiracy theories and the art of war – Zhang Ming

Conspiracy theories emerge regularly in China – as in many other parts of the world. This post explores the connection between these theories and the Chinese strategy classic, the Art of War – and articulates the conditions that would reduce the fear of conspiracy.

Exploring China’s rationality – Pan Liyong

Are ‘reason’ and ‘rationality’ purely Western constructions, and can we find them within the Chinese tradition – and if so, how does this Chinese form of ‘rationality’ differ from the Western concept?

Love and revolution (1) – Ye Fu

Where family memories meet national history: in this series of posts, Ye Fu retraces the life of his uncle, led by four keywords: fate, revolution, love, and organisation.

New translations

Taobao is one of the greatest commercial successes on the Chinese internet. ‘You’ll only get returns if you dare to eat crab is an interview with one of their top sellers, giving insights into the original business model developed by Taobao, and more generally, the new shape of internet entrepreneurship in contemporary China.

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