The Marco Polo Project had a number of media mentions, in the press and on the radio.


8 April 2013, Sapore Di Cina blog (text) – What’s Marco Polo Project? Interview with the founder Julien Leyre

November 2012, That’s Shanghai, Webwatch (text) – Marco Polo Project – a multilingual portal to Chinese writing Project

08 Otctober 2012, Radio Australia (audio) – a Website crowdsourcing English translations of Chinese texts

16 June 2012, Lingua Franca, ABC radio (audio) – The Marco Polo Project

18 October 2012 Radio Australia, Chinese program – 《时事追踪》:马可波罗项目帮助西方人认识中国


07 december 2012, Melbourne, Le Petit Journal (text) – Julien Leyre, un linguiste entrepreneur

09 July 2012, Paris, Billaut show (video) – Marco Polo Project: “crowd-translation” du chinois vers les langues européennes

10 June 2012, La rupture internet (text) – Du crowdsourcing pour traduire des textes Chinois


9 Aprile 2013, Sapore di Cina blog (text) – Cos’è il Marco Polo Project? Intervista con il fondatore Julien Leyre


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