Best translation – Suzhou event

In June 2014, we ran a series of collaborative translation events in China and in the UK. Our events invite small bilingual groups to translate a text English to Chinese or Chinese to English, and are organised on a competitive basis, with two kinds of prizes – one for speed, and one for quality. We announce a winner for the most characters translated on the spot, but quality takes more time to judge.

In Suzhou, we were particularly happy to welcome a team of French translators – and they did such a good job that we decided to give them the first prize for the translation of this paragraph of a text by Zhang Tianpan. Have you ever come across the word ‘. Well? Here is a short, synthetic description of the concept and its history. We particularly appreciated the choie of idiomatic French expressions, and effort to create smooth syntactic flow in the French target text. Well done to Martin Delasalle and Emmanuel on this one!


“Tu Hao”, dans l’imaginaire collectif,renvoie aux tyrans locaux victimes de la répartition des terres durant les périodes de troubles révolutionnaires et de la réforme agraire. Ils étaient à l’époque la cible des changements de régime, puisque étiquetés comme riches, sans merci, profiteurs de la misère paysanne, saboteurs de la révolution, etc. Quant aux “Tu Hao” de nos jours, le sens de l’expression perdure malgré le changement d’époque, à savoir que celle-ci est utilisée pour désigner la “suffisance des nantis”, de ces gens qui dépensent sans compter et qui aiment particulièrement faire étalage de leur fric.

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