China’s identity – new translations from January 2016

Who are you? – Liumilk

Comparing the subtle differences between China’s mainland, Hong Kong and Macau is an occasion to reflect on the concept of self and identity.

Why do Chinese people suffer from a lack of love? – Ye Kuangzheng

Is love culturally determined? This insightful post explores the Chinese way of thinking about love, and the impact of deep cultural values on contemporary attitudes.

Can boycotting Christmas save Chinese culture? – Chu Qing

The end of the calendar year in China is also the time for a particular phenomenon: a wave of ‘anti-Christmas’ demonstrations. This rejection of Western festivals is intended to protect Chinese culture.

Why does Xinjiang reject the Uighur? – Luqi Piaopiao

During a trip to the border region of Xinjiang, writer Luqi Piaopiao encounters a number of locals, Han and Uighur – and notes with sadness the ongoing gap between both groups.

Just how special are we – Guo Yuhua

Chinese exceptionalism is a recurring theme in public discourse – but what is it founded on, and to what extent is it justified? A reflection on cultural variation and universalism

A changing China

The unbearable lightness of blogging – Muran

How did the rise of WeChat affect micro-blogging? This fascinating piece follows the ups and downs of Weibo as a consensus making platform in contemporary China.

A young man’s magic time machine – China30s

Is magic the new thing? This interview from website China30s with magician Wang Jiabao explores the future of Chinese entertainment.

From Harvard to the Alpaca business – China30s

How do you bring a new product to the Chinese market? This young entrepreneur is making Alpaca cool!

From Everest to the deserts, why am I always on the road? – China30s

Ma Yao grew up in a family of scientists in the deserts of Xinjiang. He now works for Tencent, coordinating the streetview project, taking 360 photographs of exceptional landscapes around the country. China30s brings us the stories of a modern day Chinese adventurer.

Traditional paper media should not let itself collapse – Wei Yingjie

Online publishing is challenging the traditional business models of the printed press – sure, argues Wei Yingjie – but maybe media groups gave up too early.

68 year old grandmother can speak 11 languages – Youquxinwen

China is full of surprises – this old woman from Guanxi proves to be an exceptional polyglot

Personal reflections

Many people and things inspire awe – Yezi

A short ethical piece on ‘things that inspire awe’, and the tendency we have to not always do the best we can.

Telephone call with an old friend – Zhao Qiang

Reconnecting with an old friend after an illness, blogger Zhao Qian measures the distance that now separates them.

Why do men like an ugly woman like me? – Shudong

A one paragraph personal interrogation from secret-sharing website shudong: why would a plain woman attract so much sexual attention from men?

Anger won’t accomplish anything – Yezi

Anger is a natural reaction when facing irrational or arbitrary setbacks – but what is its ultimate usefulness? This short piece advocates for a wiser, more balanced approach to life, and warns about the dangers of blind anger.

What’s a real friend like – Li Yinhe

Reflective soul, emotional alignment, and the unique capacity to make you feel warm, these are the features defining in a real friend.


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