Crowd-funding with Chinese characteristics

With 1.3 billion people, over 600 million internet users, and a booming economy, China seems ripe for crowd-funding. Whether in the arts, innovation or development, new digital fund-raising models may represent a huge opportunity for Chinese social entrepreneurs and innovators. More generally, the growth of crowd-funding in China may be one facet of a fast-developing collaborative economy.

Did you know that Australia’s own crowd-funding platform Pozible is now entering the Chinese market, with great initial success ? Did you know that Tencent – China’s leading internet company – launched a crowd-funding platform to support social projects, with support from the British Council? Did you know that Yeeyan, China’s largest community translation platform, now counts over 500,000 users, actively translating a large catalogue of magazine article and public domain classics.

What is the present – and future – of these new digital initiatives and communities – and how do Chinese experiences differ from Australian ones? Join Rick Chen and Jiamin Zhao for a conversation about ‘writing online and shaping culture’ at the Pozible Office in Collingwood to find out.

Details and registration here.

Meanwhile – to practice your Mandarin – you can listen to Pozible Founder Rick Chen/陈钢 describe their China strategy here.

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