A digest of online China – 15 sep – 19 Sep

This weekly column offers a digest of the latest pieces from the Chinese blogosphere published on our website and most recently completed translations of new Chinese writing.

Zhang Jiajia

New texts published

Innovative corruption – Yu Ge

Will the recent Chinese government crack-down on corruption achieve its full goal? In this piece, analyst Yu Ge offers a cynical-pessoptimistic perspective on the question: innovation applies to corruption as it does to business, and new models emerge as older ones are more strictle controlled.


Scapegoating profiteers – Zhang Ming

Democracy, rule of law, good governance – these concepts are key parts of contemporary debates about government in contemporary China. But what is their actual meaning? This piece proposes clear definitions, which Muran considers are a necessary starting point for any fruitful discussion.


Wish it could be like this forever Zhang Jiajia

From 2012 to 2013, Nanjing-based writer Zhang Jiajia circulated bedtime love stories on his weibo account – and attracted a hugh readership. The stories, collected and published under the title ‘I belonged to you’, reflect the romantic experience of the Chinese post-80s generation – including, like this piece, the complexities of friendship with a married couple, and the bittersweet memories of life together.


New translations

Is China’s economic growth just a function of wasted resources? The broken windows of China’s economic growth, by economist Sun Xiaoji, proposes a gloomy vision of the current Chinese economy: how much of current economic activity goes beyond sterile destruction and reconstruction, for the sake of good economic figures?

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