Diversity rules!

Are you looking to develop a sustainable organisation over the long-term? Focusing on diversity may be your winning strategy – and for this, leaders will need to develop special skills, in particular a capacity to be inclusive and harmoniously bring together diverse teams, allowing multiple ideas to flourish and feed off each other.

Sounds fluffy? Well, the Australian Institute of Chartered Accountants and Deloitte recently produced a report on this topic – now that sounds serious, doesn’t it? Check out p.18 for the ‘six attributes of an inclusive leader’ – all starting with the letter C: cognisance, curiosity, courage, cultural intelligence, commitment and collaboration.

These are precisely the types of attributes we’re looking to build through our online offer and workshops! So – if you’d like to get ready for a different future, and train to become a more inclusive leader, why don’t you browse the Marco Polo Project website, join one of our events – or organise your own if there’s none in your city yet!

Would you like to read more about inclusive leadership and diversity in the workplace? The full report is attached to this post:

0415-37 PM_Futureinc_Leadership and Diversity_WEB 2

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