Leeds all-you-can-translate

Each class has its own culture, some more extraverted than others – but our events seem to melt the ice no matter what!

Leeds group

Today was the second stop in our translation tour – we ran an ‘all-you-can-translate’ event at Leeds University with a group of translation students, all of Chinese background. For the first half hour, the room was entirely silent – but slowly, conversations and discussions started – laughter, help, discussions, the physical marks of conviviality.


It is always a great pleasure for me to listen to these interactions. Our events are not just an opportunity to practice translation and read new Chinese writing – they’re also convivial moments, when the solitary act of translation becomes a collaborative activity – and word-nerds can indulge in hair-picking nuances of meaning, grammatical alternatives, and rhythmic considerations.

Leeds University

Together, the group translated over 3000 characters – half of them working English-to-Chinese, half of them in the other direction. The most elegant translations will be published on this blog, together with the most elegant translations of our London and Manchester workshops.

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