Marco Polo Tour

In June 2014, Marco Polo Project is organising a tour through the UK and China! This tour also marks the beginning of the Marco Polo Festival of Digital Literature.

We’re organising all-you-can-translate events in London (June 10), Leeds (June 11), Manchester (June 12), Shanghai (June 15), Suzhou (June 21), Chengdu (June 22), Beijing (June 23) and Tianjin (June 24). These events bring together native Mandarin and English speakers for a facilitated translation race, in small team – and offer participants an opportunity to practice their language skills, meet new contacts, and discover new writing from China and Australia.

For the first time, we will offer an opportunity to translate English to Chinese, in partnership with Visit our Marco Polo group on Yeeyan or the Festival page on our website to start exploring our texts.

For all informations about the details of our events, visit our new Events page on the Marco Polo Project website.


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