Newsletter 13 – November 2013 – We’re expanding in China

We’re expanding in China 

Last week, we ran our first Marco Polo translation salon in Nanjing. Twenty five translators gathered at the Banpocun Cafe on Qingdao Lu for three and a half hours of collaborative translation – together translating over 5000 characters. This event was held in collaboration with the Nanjing University Graduate Student English Club and the Australia China Youth Association. Participants were very pleased with their experience, and we’ve been invited to run future similar events by other local student clubs.

We’re also building new collaborations with Chinese web-organisations. We presented our project at the Shanghai Makers’ Carnival, and as a result, we’re now regularly working out of the Nanjing Makers’ Space. These contacts and co-working opportunities are precious for us to better understand the Chinese digital space, and better engage our multilingual online community. As a first step, we’re now active on weibo, and we’ll soon start our own weixin account. So follow us now – and join the conversation!

Multicultural Commission Grant

We’re pleased and honoured to announce that the Victorian Multicultural Commission awarded us an organisational support grant to run a series of workshops next year in Melbourne. We wish to warmly thank the Victorian government for their support, and all those who helped us along the way.

This grant not only shows recognition of the value we bring to Chinese learners and speakers, it also marks the growing importance of offline events to our overall mission. We’re currently developing a complete ‘event organisation pack’, allowing interested language organisations or language exchange groups to run their own translation events, using our website and contents as a base. If you would like to run your own Marco Polo translation marathon, or anyone around you would, please contact us at

The Marco Polo Project is a living community. Without you, we do not exist. Now we need your help to grow. So that a larger audience can learn about us, please talk about the Marco Polo Project around you, send a link to your friends, or share our translations on Facebook, Twitter, Weixin or Weibo.

We are also looking for donations and sponsorships, to support further web development. If you think you can help, please contact us.

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