Newsletter #9 – May 2013

Below is the May edition of the Marco Polo Project newsletter.
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Our web development team has been working hard on a series of new features that will improve the translation experience dramatically. We’re testing them on our development site this very moment, and the next newsletter should invite you to trial them.

As a result, our project is growing! We’re seeking new volunteers to join our editorial, business and engagement teams. If you would like to be part of our project, or know someone who might, please have a look at this page , or pass on the word!


In the last month, our readership expanded to new regions of the world. An interview with Sapore di Cina attracted readers from Italy, while this Russian version of a piece by Hacking Chinese on the use of translation for language learning attracted a number of readers from Russia.

Meanwhile, in Australia, we’re beginning discussions to develop stronger partnerships in Adelaide and Sydney, with universities and through workshops. These are still in early stages, but by the end of 2013, we hope to develop a stronger presence interstate.


Have you ever wondered about youth subcultures in China? This article introduces the ‘ShaMaTe’, a sub-cultural movement inspired by Western punk and Japanese manga aesthetics. ‘ShaMaTe’ culture can be interpreted as an attempt by rural migrants to integrate urban codes, and contrasted with the rich and urban ‘fresh young things’ movement.

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