Our Sources – Bullogger

This first official bulloger website (a word play on the word “blog” in Chinese) was founded by Luo Yonghao in 2006. After being shut down by the government, an international version of the original website was created, and hosted at bulloger.com. The website is now shut again, and unaccessible.

Dissatisfied with the censorship legislation, Luo Yonghao strives for contents from liberal and edgy Chinese bloggers, offering different views from those of  traditional media channels restricted by censorship law. Our selection of articles from Bullogger offers reflections on cultural, political and economic issues. Articles are generally a stimulating read – though the closure of the website means we haven’t been able to source any fresh content from them yet.

Key writers from Bullogger include He Weifang, Liu Yu, Xu Zhiyuan, Kun Kun,

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