Shanghai all-you-can-translate

The stop in our China tour was at Hu Cafe, next to Zhongshan park in Shanghai.

Hu Cafe


This event was a collaboration with United Verses, a Shanghai-based association organising bilingual poetry readings and publications. It was also the first of our event involving teenagers – high-school students from the International Baccalaureate stream at Fudan High School – some of whom worked in a group with poet Tom Mangione.

Committed group

Together, the students translated two poems by Yisha, and seven of Kate Larsen’s Tiny Little Poems – which they immediately published on her weibo stream. This was a cheerful event, and a great start to our time in China – next events will take place in Suzhou on Saturday 21, Chengdu on Sunday 22, Beijing on Monday 23, and Tianjin on Tuesday 24. Come along!

Jumping horse


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