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New texts published

Fishing pole – Yefu

In this short essay, Yefu offers a long historical view on the poetic art of fishing, and its traditional value in Chinese culture.

Many people and things inspire awe – Yezi

A short ethical piece on ‘things that inspire awe’, and the tendency we have to not always do the best we can.

Why do men like an ugly woman like me? – Shudong

A one paragraph personal interrogation from secret-sharing website shudong: why would a plain woman attract so much sexual attention from men?

New translations completed

I have a home in New York – Li Jingrui

Writer Li Jingrui reflects on her time living in New York City, and offers a personal sentimental tours through the various New York Chinatowns.

This column offers a weekly digest of the latests pieces published on our website and our most recently completed translations.


New texts published

This is what academia looks like – Zhang Ming

The Liaoning Daily sent a range of reporters to lectures in Humanities and Social Sciences in universities around China, and denounced their deviation from political orthodoxy. Based on this altercation, this piece by Zhang Ming offers a critical and ironic look at the situation of academic discussion in Chinese universities today.

Love and revolution (7) – Ye Fu

As the Battle of Wuhan rages, the romance of Ye Fu’s uncle blooms, and fades, in this seventh chapter of a family story.

I have a home in New York – Li Jingrui

An exploration of New York Boroughs and neighbourhoods through the eyes of an international Chinese visitors: the wealthy Upper East Side, hipster Brooklyn, Flushing Chinatown.

Democracy vs vested interests – Muran

A reflection on the power of excessive discourse: everybody talks about democracy, but with many various motivations. Can this inflation of discourse change the nature of democracy, and sign the triumph of vested interests? A sharp systematic look at the various theories challenging the possibility of democracy in China.

New translations completed

Framing discussions on the rule of law in contemporary China, He Weifang’s  Police Powers and the rule of law looks at the question from the angle of law enforcement, and how police forces are managed in contemporary China. Translation by Samuel Hal.

Published in Yi Sha’s online anthology, Poems for a new century, Life and death over there‘ by Chen Haobo takes a cold, detached look at rural suicide. Translation by Eugenie Ho.